2 people confirmed dead after plane crashes near New Melle, MO πŸ’₯πŸš‘πŸš“πŸš‘πŸš“πŸš‘πŸš“πŸ’₯

ST. CHARLES COUNTY (KMOV.com) — Two people who were on board a plane that crashed near New Melle, Missouri have died, the National Transportation Security Board confirmed on its website.

First responders went on a search for the small twin-engine plane near Highway F and Rugged Acres Lane after receiving a “mayday call” at 7:30 p.m. from Spirit of St. Louis Airport. The New Melle Fire Protection District said the aircraft reached 8,000 feet before experiencing trouble as it was leaving St. Louis to go to Denver.

“The aircraft then appeared to turn back toward the airport before descending rapidly,” the New Melle Fire Protection District wrote in a statement.

Some area residents also called 911 after hearing a loud boom in the area. One resident’s Ring Doorbell camera even picked up the sound of the plane descending to the ground.

Around 9 p.m., debris was found but there was no indication the plane caught on fire after the crash, officials said. Six fire departments, St. Charles County Police and the Missouri State Highway Patrol canvassed 300 yards of the wreckage site during rainy and low visibility conditions. The crash was deemed “unsurvivable”. The agencies utilized UTVs and drones to search the terrain.

It’s a story that’s taken the Greater St. Louis Region by storm. News 4 has seen dozens of posts on social media platforms with an outpour of support for those who died, their families and first responders.

“We’re sorry for your loss and we wish you the best. This was a small aircraft and you know, they were doing their job and didn’t make it home that night,” Nick Kasoff said.

Kasoff was at his home in Ferguson Saturday night when he started hearing rumblings of a plane crash near New Melle on social media.

“I jumped right onto a scanner website and started listening to what was happening. You could hear that there was a lot of running around in circles and frustration. They just got a lot of people out there on UTVs, search through the woods, followed some leads from residents who actually heard the crash inside their houses, and eventually came across the crash site,” Kasoff said.

The plane that crashed just shortly after leaving Spirit of St. Louis Airport was a Beechcraft Baron 58. Reports show the aircraft was damaged beyond repair and that the plane was traveling around 300 mph at the time of the crash.

“Everybody’s got a family and people that matter to them and it’s always terrible no matter how you reach an unexpected end,” Kasoff said.

Kasoff and dozens on social media thanked first responders for their efforts Saturday night. First responders told News 4 the search and recovery efforts were difficult.

“Obviously this is heavily wooded down here in the Defiance Augusta area. And so that makes the terrain more challenging to conduct a search in this nature,” Kyle Gaines with the St. Charles County Ambulance District said.

All EMS and firefighters were called off the search Saturday night and the National Transportation Safety Board began investigating.

The story will be updated when more information becomes available.

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2 people confirmed dead after plane crashes near New Melle, MO

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