Man shot by Raleigh police after I-440 crash dies :: πŸ’₯πŸš‘πŸš“πŸš‘πŸš“πŸš‘πŸš“πŸ’₯

β€” A man who was shot by a Raleigh police officer after a crash along Interstate 440 on Tuesday afternoon has died.

The man, whose identity was not made public, was transported to a local hospital after the shooting where he later died, according to a statement from the Raleigh Police Department. Police did not say whether the man died Tuesday or Wednesday or say how many times he was shot.

Raleigh Police Chief Estella Patterson said officers were dispatched for a crash on I-440 around 1:30 p.m. She said police also received multiple calls regarding the wreck that indicated a person was intoxicated.

Witnesses who were driving by told WRAL News that they saw a man walking away from a car involved in the crash.

A 911 call placed by a driver involved in the crash said he was cut off by a drunk driver.

“This guy is drunk, he just rammed me off the road, he flipped his whole car,” the caller said.

Patterson said officers on scene were notified about a man armed with a knife. Officers then approached the man, Patterson said, and saw him walking with a small child and holding the knife.

Patterson said a woman at the scene of the crash was able to get the small child away from the man. Video circulating on Facebook showed a young child who was on the side of the road when the shooting happened and people comforting him.

Officers then told the man multiple times to drop the knife.

“A Taser was deployed to try and defuse the situation,” said Patterson.

Video shared with WRAL News shows the man shocked, falling to the ground and then getting up again. Patterson said as officers tried to take the man into custody, he “swung his knife towards officers.”

Witnesses said that the man was shot in the chest and head and that several shots were fired, but officials have not confirmed this information to WRAL News.

Sky5 flies over the scene of a crash on I-440 near New Bern Avenue.

The officer that shot the man has been placed on administrative leave, which is protocol for a shooting involving an officer. Patterson said the name of the officer could not be released at this time.

Officials said on Wednesday that the officer was wearing a body camera at the time, and video from the body camera captured the incident.

State law says that the Raleigh Police Department has to petition a judge to view the officer’s worn body camera, which Patterson said she has begun the process of. It’s unclear how long it could take for a judge to release the body camera footage, if it will be released at all.

The State Bureau of Investigation is asking the public to reach out to them if they witnessed the crash. Their main phone number is 919-662-4500.

The state is conducting a criminal investigation into shooting, which is also typical for shootings involving law enforcement officers.

Crash on I-440 near New Bern Avenue is causing a major traffic back up for afternoon drivers.


Man shot by Raleigh police after I-440 crash dies ::

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